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What We Do

TeenTech runs lively events with a supporting Award scheme to help young teenagers see the wide range of career possibilities in Science, Engineering and Technology.

We are an award winning, industry-led initiative, founded in 2008 by Maggie Philbin and Chris Dodson to help the “X Factor” generation understand their true potential and the real opportunities available in the contemporary STEM workplace.

TeenTech events take place at venues across the UK – at each event 300/500 pupils from 30/50 different schools benefit from hands-on exhibits and challenges run by leading organisations.  TeenTech works collaboratively with companies, Universities, business organisations and education business partnerships to create these very special experiences for young people.

In 2010 TeenTech won the Best Engineering Event in Science and Engineering Week award and in 2011 was the first UK organisation to receive a Google RISE award. In 2012 Maggie Philbin and TeenTech also won Best Outreach and Engagement Award presented by UKRC/WISE (Women in Science and Engineering).


Who We Are


Our Patron

ramada 23

We are delighted to have HRH the Duke of York KG as our patron. Our TeenTech Award winners are hosted by the Duke of York at Buckingham Palace.


Board of Directors

A generation sit in classrooms convinced subjects like Maths and Physics are irrelevant because they’re “going to be famous”. I met one group of students, who when asked to name a modern scientist or technologist could only name Einstein. Working on Tomorrow’s World allowed me to meet many brilliant and engaging people behind inventions.TeenTech does the same for young people before they make critical decisions over GCSE choices.”

Maggie Philbin, Founder and CEO TeenTech CIC



“I’ve spent much of my career working in Technology at the BBC and I feel privileged to be part of TeenTech. We seek to enthuse the Scientists, Engineers and Technologists of tomorrow that the UK so badly needs and to help UK industry to bridge the gulf to attract and retain them”. 



Roland Allen, Director & CTO TeenTech CIC. 


“TeenTech opens eyes, bridges gaps and builds new relationships. I’ve seen it in action in East London creating a buzz, raising aspirations of young people and teachers, and inspiring one of the mentors to blog that it had relit his fire. I’ve had so many opportunities through my career in technology and I’m delighted to help inspire the technologists of tomorrow.”

Sue O’Hare, Non- Executive Director TeenTech CIC


V Elliott

“Alongside the benefit to the teenagers is the positive employee engagement. The engineers taking part display pride in their skills and company. They expressed being inspired by the teenagers as much as they inspired with the questions from the teenagers giving a different perspective. I personally believe within corporate organisations we should be supporting STEM initiatives to build the skills we will need in the future”.

Valerie Elliott, Non- Executive Director TeenTech CIC



TeenTech is inspiring in so many ways. Although intended to motivate young people, we know that teaching staff and employers learn so much from being involved. This has helped to rejuvenate the school curriculum and given a real boost to Science and Technology subjects.

Sandra Cooper, Non- Executive Director TeenTech CIC


Picture 14

Technology and Engineering are our future. TeenTech is so rare in recognising this. There are numerous initiatives to involve young people in understanding science but TeenTech is one of a very select few that shows the next generation how it can be applied. I was delighted to be asked to be part of what I see as a vital task: engaging young people to be part of shaping our future rather than just being passengers on someone else’s journey.

Professor Alan Woodward, Non- Executive Director TeenTech CIC



Delivery Team


TeenTech is so inspiring in its quest to create career opportunities and open doors to young people in the STEM industries. We are so lucky at TeenTech to work alongside such enthusiastic pupils and teachers, not to mention the companies who take the time to engage with and enthuse the students, giving them a truly valuable insight into the indispensable future generation of engineers and scientists.

Polly Dysterre-Clark, Programme & Alliance Manager, TeenTech CIC



Through my experience of working at an Education Charity, and as a parent of teenagers, I know just how vital it is to engage students in an innovative way about the Working World. TeenTech does this in a very exciting and hands-on way and I am thrilled to be part of the team delivering these experiences to students across the Country.


Dani Longhurst, Project Manager – TeenTech Awards, TeenTech CIC


Working for an EBP and talking to employers it is essential that young people find out more about the world of work before they make important choices in their lives. TeenTech provides an amazing opportunity to enthuse young people to become the scientists and engineers of tomorrow and I am proud to be part of the team.


Helen Wilson, Project Manager, TeenTech CIC