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Categories for 2015

TeenTech logo + strapline COLOURS 2The Categories for The TeenTech Awards 2015 are listed below. There will be some changes for 2015/2016 including new categories for students aged 16-18. These will be announced shortly. 


Innovation Categories 2015

1. Energy sponsored by National Grid

2. Transport sponsored by Airbus

3. Health

4. Education sponsored by Google 

5. Wearable Technology sponsored by Maplin

6. Music, Media and Entertainment sponsored by JVC

7. Environment sponsored by EDF Energy Campus

8. Safety and Security sponsored by Symantec

9. Retail and Finance

10.Design and Construction sponsored by Atkins

11. Future of Food

12. Infrastructure sponsored by Network Rail 

Judged across all categories 

13. Digital Skills (judged across all categories)

14. Manufacturing  sponsored by Cranfield University (judged across all categories)

15. Research and Information Literacy sponsored by CILIP (judged across all categories)

16. Teacher of the Year sponsored by OCR

17. Consumer Innovation Award  – sponsored by Maplin Cross category award for the best idea using tech to solve an every day problem. Sponsors will work with students to see if the idea can be made, marketed, and sold in their stores ( exclusively for 12 months) with all profits going back to winner

18. TeenTech Award 2015 Overall Winner