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TeenTech Awards

Are you an innovator? Do you have an idea which could make life easier, simpler or better? We want you to use your imagination, to think creatively.

This is a chance to ask “What if?” or even build a fun example of what this might look like.

The TeenTech Awards are for UK students from 11-18 (Years 7 to 13) working in teams of up to three to look at problems large and small to see if they can find a better way of doing things.

There will be a prize of £1000 to the winning school in each category and the overall winners will be presented with their awards by HRH Duke of York KG at Buckingham Palace.

The TeenTech Awards were established in 2012/3 to enable students to take their new found interests further. They encourage students to develop their own ideas for making life better, simpler, safer or more fun. Participating schools are provided with a suggested structure and industry contacts.

The Awards are currently open to 11-16 year olds but will be extended to a wider age group from Sept 2015. There are 16 categories including a ‘Teacher of the Year” . Every year the 40 best projects go forward to the Royal Society for judging and the winners are invited by our patron, HRH Duke of York to Buckingham Palace.

Last year's TeenTech Awards

Watch the video from last year’s TeenTech Awards for inspiration!

Working in teams of three you need to decide on an award category, brainstorm ideas,  clearly identify an opportunity or a problem, suggest a solution and research the market.

And you don’t have to work on your own! You can contact companies, universities, colleges and even join up with a group of students on the other side of the world to work with you on your project.

How to enter the TeenTech Awards

Step 1

Working in teams of three, come up with your idea!

You could set up an Ideas Wall in your own school or run a ‘Dragons Den’ activity to find those great ideas. Don’t forget to send us pictures or videos of those early brainstorming sessions!

Step 2

Register your interest for the TeenTech Awards 2016 (link coming soon).

Don’t worry if you don’t know your category – register so we can keep you up to date with support materials and let us know your categories by December 16th. After this date we cannot guarantee places in the competition.

Step 3

Submit your project online by March 21st 2015 using the Stage 2 Innovation Log form. Finalists to be announced in April/May, Awards to be held in June.

TeenTech Awards Categories

Innovation Categories 2015

1. Energy sponsored by National Grid

2. Transport sponsored by Airbus

3. Health

4. Education sponsored by Google

5. Wearable Technology sponsored by Maplin

6. Music, Media and Entertainment sponsored by JVC

7. Environment sponsored by EDF Energy Campus

8. Safety and Security sponsored by Symantec

9. Retail and Finance

10.Design and Construction sponsored by Atkins

11. Future of Food

12. Infrastructure sponsored by Network Rail

Judged across all categories

13. Digital Skills (judged across all categories)

14. Manufacturing sponsored by Cranfield University (judged across all categories)

15. Teacher of the Year sponsored by OCR

16. Consumer Innovation Award – sponsored by Maplin Cross category award for the best idea using tech to solve an every day problem. Sponsors will work with students to see if the idea can be made, marketed, and sold in their stores ( exclusively for 12 months) with all profits going back to winner

17. TeenTech Award 2015 Overall Winner


View all

Enter the TeenTech Awards

Register your interest (link coming soon)

Innovation Sessions